Tricia Hicks

BMan Marketing, Dip Theo


“If you have a passion for what you do each day, it’s a joy, not work”! Tricia has encompassed this philosophy for the past 50 years, staying at the cutting edge with current trends and future projections whilst teaching perfection in skills and techniques from the past.


Trained by a German Master Hairdresser, she has worked in Canada, the UK and Europe, trained in longhair techniques in Paris and worked on the Paris fashion shows. During her time as President of Intercoiffure Australia and as an International board member, Tricia has travelled internationally twice a year in relation to Hair Congresses etc.


Dedicated to education and training, over a period of 16 years, Hair Artistique has had four stylists selected to represent Australia in Paris and Berlin as the Intercoiffure Guillaume Stylist. As a multi award winner and judge at International, National and State level, Tricia aims to lead the salon in its standards of perfection for Hair Artistique.   


Creativity has a never ending flow of ideas and imagination therefore to nurture such a gift, we constantly participate in fashion parades, photographic and hairdressing competitions, personal development courses, seminars and numerous others events that help allow us to drink from the well of inspiration.


Distinctive Style is for both our clients and our stylists. Distinction puts a stamp on who you are. Does your look fit with your personality, the current fashion scene, your work, the image you wish to project? Can this look be changed for different occasions (evening, work, casual) and is your hair easy to manage? Communication between you and your stylist is the key to success in all these areas.


Individuality is the most important part of our human dimension. No one person is the same as another, including twins. Fashion is whatever suits you and working with the unique way your hair behaves (curly, straight, growth patterns, textures) Hairdressing that individualizes for each client, therefore the risk of turning up to a party with a look alike hair style is not for you.