A message for our Hair Artistique Client Community from the salon team.

Nov 22nd, 2020

A message to our very patient and understanding Hair Artistique community.

Hair Artistique will reopen on Tues, November 24th, 2020 at our Next Gen salon at 9am.

Please leave a message prior to this opening date on our answereing machine, use our online booking facility or email us at


for appointment booking queries, and we will reply ASAP.

We will personally contact all of our clients who had an appointment over the Thursday 19th, Friday 20th & Saturday 21st of November and reschedule your appointment.

We will accomodate your schedule as best we can, including some late nights or a longer Saturday this coming week, Saturday 28th November.

We hope you are all safe and well have not been too inconvenienced over this lockdown. For those who have found this time a very trying experience, either personally or in their workplace, we hope the run to Christmas and the New Year will bring some much needed joy and happiness.

The Hair Artistique team is ready to give you much needed respite and an enjoyable experience, we all feel better with great hair.

Adaptation is the key to the world we live in today, we await what tomorrow may bring.

Best wishes to all our fabulous clients

The Hair Artistique Team

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